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            2017517-19日,第十八届国际食品和饮料展览会即SIAL China 2017在上海新国际博览中心盛大举行。

            SIAL China, the 18th Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition, was held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre?from 17th to 19th May 2017.


            Sweetrip, as the biggest and powerful sweets, chocolates and confectionary importing company in southwest China,  attend SIAL China again. Sweetrip present lots of European well-know brands 


            Such as British top toffee brand Walkers’. British top chocolate brand Thorntons,German famous organic chocolate brand VIVANI ,Italian famous chocolate brand Felletti,  German high-end chocolate brand Heidel ,German classic 3D chocolate brand Tessi etc. 


            Meanwhile,Sweetrip present over 200 new products, including German natural fruit candy,Czech Victoria Farm cup cereal, French Bovetti handmade chocolate etc.


            Sweetrip get a great success at SIAL China 2017. The exquisite products and fine decorated booth have attracted numerous foreign exhibitors, domestic and Hong Kong and Macao regions traders and terminal customers.Many customers conclude oeders with us right there in the show!


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